Our Ballet II classes are for students who have more then 3 years of dance experience or students moving from Ballet I. It is a hour class using the Vaganova technique with a bit of the classical french style. The students will start the class with a warm-up stretch, that leads into their barre where they will start practicing using one hand on the barre instead of two hands. From there, they will go to the center and take what they have learned at the barre and start applying it to their floor work. The students will continue training in turning and spotting as well as pirouette exercises. They will move on to petite allegro and grand allegro steps from there. At the end of class they end with a warm down stretch and conditioning that will improve their leg and foot muscles and prepare them for pointe work. If your child has danced at a different school for 3 or more years please contact ahead of time to set up an evaluation so the instructor can assess their technique so they be placed in the correct class. We do have a dress code for this class (see the tab listed “Dress Code”), and we ask that it is respected and followed. If you have any questions please contact us by phone, e-mail or Facebook. The first class is no obligation and your child can wear something comfortable when trying the class. We have the uniforms for sale at the studio. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch, but we ask that you stay in the designated seating area and please do not interfere with the class or try and “coach” your child. If it is your first time coming to class, please come 15 minutes early, to sign paperwork and get your child settled into the class. You may opt to fill out the paperwork in advance instead by downloading and signing the forms on the tab listed as rom“Registration Forms”


First Class: $50 per month for a once a week class Second Class: $35 extra per month Sibling/Addtl. Student: $40 per month

6 Month Discount: Pay for 5 months, get 6! ($250)

1 Year Discount: Pay for 9.5 months, get 12! ($475)

Ballet II (ages 7 and up)

    • Black Leotard
    • Light Pink Footed or Conversion Tights (please no shimmer or footless tights)
    • Light Pink Full Sole Leather Ballet Flats
    • Leotards and Socks must be stain free
    • No necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and/or dangling earrings. Studs only. This is for your child’s safety.
    • Hair must be in a tight, proper bun, flat to the head at all times during class. If your child’s hair is short, please use a headband with comb teeth to keep their hair out of their face.
    • Sports bras must be black or skin color.

Boys Ballet

    • White, Form-Fitting T-Shirt
    • White Bobby Socks
    • Full Sole Black Leather Ballet Flats
    • Hair must be combed back/out of students’ face
    • Clothes must be stain free
    • No necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and/or dangling earrings. Studs only. This is for your child’s safety.

All the items listed above are sold at the dance studio at lower prices for students only.