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Coronation Street's Stu Carpenter lies to Yasmeen Metcalfe as he hides a secret

What is he up to?

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Stu Carpenter lies to Yasmeen Metcalfe next week after she interferes in his personal life.

The ITV soap is exploring Stu's past in a new storyline – and upcoming scenes make it clear that he has something to hide.

In next week's episodes, Stu is furious when Yasmeen reveals that she has found the address of his estranged daughter Bridget.

Stu isn't happy that Yasmeen meddled by searching for information on Bridget behind his back.

yasmeen metcalfe and stu carpenter in coronation street

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Kelly Neelan soon steps in by encouraging Stu to visit Bridget, urging him to see that there's an up-side to Yasmeen's discovery. Stu finally relents and agrees to give it a try.

Later, Stu arrives at Bridget's address but when she answers the door, she's visibly panicked and orders him to leave.

Stu begs Bridget to hear him out, mysteriously commenting that he never hurt anybody. However, talking Bridget round clearly won't be easy.

stu carpenter, bridget, coronation street

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Once Stu is back on the cobbles, he apologises to Yasmeen for snapping.

He also falsely claims that it was the wrong address, so he didn't manage to speak to Bridget. Why is he lying? Could this destroy Yasmeen's trust in Stu if she ever finds out?

Bill Fellows, who plays Stu, recently promised that we'll learn much more about his character in the coming weeks.

yasmeen metcalfe and stu carpenter, coronation street

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Speaking to Digital Spy on the red carpet at the British Soap Awards, Bill explained: "I don't think I can say too much, but there's a big storyline about Stu's past and why he was homeless when we first met him.

"It's about why he was in that position and it's a massive thing from his past that comes into play.

"I don't think I can say much more than that!"

Coronation Street airs these scenes on Monday, July 25 at 8pm on ITV. The show also streams on the ITV Hub.

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