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The Walking Dead's Daryl stars in first look at final episodes

There's not long to go now.

The Walking Dead's Daryl stars in the first look at the final episodes of the zombie drama.

As the franchise heads to San Diego Comic-Con for a celebration of the last eight episodes, we can now see Norman Reedus preparing for battle and what looks like the start of an integration in front of a mystery woman.

A series veteran appearing since season one, showrunner Angela Kang has teased to Entertainment Weekly what we can expect from Daryl heading towards the final chapters.

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"Daryl, more and more, is being thrust into the role of a leader," Kang said. "And the way he does it is different than some of the others.

"His style is not like Rick's, it's not like Maggie's or Ezekiel's. Daryl is Daryl. He's not that guy who likes to give a lot of speeches. He kind of likes to do.

"You're going to see Daryl have to step up in some of his decision making in some key ways, and he's going to be very crucial to the way all the events play out in this season."

Kang is also hinting that, as well as being a leader, Daryl will be busy being some sort of a father figure.

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"We also to remember that Daryl is a parental figure to Judith and RJ, and that's an important part of the story as well," she revealed. "His role with those kids and the things that they'll all do to protect the children of the apocalypse."

Meanwhile, the showrunner teased "there are going to be some twists and turns in the journey, but also some really beautiful emotional scenes".

As for what fans expect from our heroes as they go into battle against the Commonwealth and their very Stormtrooper-inspired soldiers, Kang said: "In this last block, the gang is back together, moving with a common purpose.

"There's always a particular fun that comes for us and for fans who like to see what happens the group is doing their thing as a unit."

The Walking Dead season 11 airs on AMC in the US and STAR on Disney+ in the UK.

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