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Spider-Man suits and costumes for the ultimate Spidey gift

Plus figures, Lego sets and more!

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now available to watch on Sky Cinema in the UK following its mega success at the box office, making it the most successful Spider-Man movie ever.

If that's got you hankering for more Spidey action, we're sorry to say that we might be waiting for a while for a new live-action movie (although Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is coming next year). There's plenty of Spider-Man fun to be had elsewhere though with gifts for all ages.

We know you've always imagined how you'll look in a Spider-Man suit and the good news is there are plenty out there (such as this one) if you want to try one out. There are also Spidey suits for all ages so you can deck out the entire family if you wish.

But if you don't want to swing around like Spidey, you can also pick up all sorts of Spider-Man figures or Spider-Man Lego sets to create your own movie. From iconic locations such as the Daily Bugle to major characters like Miles Morales, you can pick up just about any Spider-Man gift you can think of.

And if you're really thinking ahead, maybe now's the time to pick up a Spider-Man Christmas jumper for the festivities to come later on this year. Just try and resist the temptation to wear it before the appropriate season rolls around (although we won't blame you if you put it on earlier).

If you'd just like to relive Spidey's on-screen adventures, you can also pick up the Spider-Man MCU trilogy on whatever format you prefer. Or if Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's return made you hanker for those days, you can also pick up the five movies pre-MCU in one handy boxset.

Whatever Spider-Man gift you want to get your hands on, there will be something for you. Since we're helpful sorts, we've gone through the entire Spidey web to pick out the best Spider-Man gifts and merchandise you can pick up right now.

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1 Spider-Man suit
HYGEES amazon.co.uk

Sure, it might not have the fancy gadgets that Spidey may have, but this Spider-Man suit will do the trick all the same. You can even pick it up in the black suit version we saw in No Way Home.

2 Spider-Man costume for kids
disney shopdisney.co.uk

For any little ones in your life, this Spider-Man costume will do the job and make Spidey look adorable too.

3 Spider-Man backpack
Marvel amazon.co.uk

Even Spider-Man needs somewhere to put his regular clothes and snacks, so you could complete the look with this backpack that comes with a 3D plush front.

4 Spider-Man: Homecoming t-shirt

If you want to go nerdier with your Spidey clothes, then pick up this replica of Peter Parker's t-shirt from Homecoming, which also popped up again in No Way Home.

5 Midtown School of Science and Technology t-shirt

Talking of nerdy t-shirts, there are plenty of other Spider-Man t-shirts you can wear such as this Midtown logo offering.

6 Spider-Man Christmas jumper
Marvel Zavvi

Yes, we're getting ahead of ourselves, but it's always the nerdiest Christmas jumpers that sell out each year. So avoid any such hassle and get this Spider-Man Christmas jumper in your wardrobe.

7 Spider-Man action figure
disney shopdisney.co.uk

There are many Spider-Man action figures out there, but this one comes with all the bells and whistles, such as character phrases, lights and sounds, and a web shooting from his wrist. What more do you want?

8 Spider-Man mug
disney shopdisney.co.uk

If you want to be reminded of your favourite superhero as you have a cuppa, this Spider-Man mug should do the trick. Just try not to get any webbing in your tea.

9 Spider-Man water bottle
disney shopdisney.co.uk

If it's too hot for a tea or coffee, but you still want to show off your Spidey allegiance, then you can pick up this snazzy water bottle to fill with whatever cold beverage you choose.

10 Spider-Man Lego Daily Bugle (LEGO 76178)
lego lego.com

This 3,772-piece Lego set of the Daily Bugle building comes with a whopping 25 Minifigures, so you can recreate classic Spider-Man moments or create your own ones whenever you like.

11 Lego DUPLO Spider-Man Headquarters
lego lego.com

Based on the Spidey and His Amazing Friends series, this Lego DUPLO set is toddler-friendly and comes with three figures – Spider-Man, Miles Morales and Ghost Spider.

12 Miles Morales Funko Pop! figure
Funko amazon.co.uk

Of course, there's more than one Spider-Man in the Marvel universe, so why not celebrate that with this Miles Morales Funko Pop! figure, inspired by by the excellent PS5 game.

13 Spider-Man Funko Pop! figure
Funko amazon.co.uk

Or you can just stick with the Peter Parker version with this Funko Pop! figure of his upgraded suit in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

14 Spider-Man MCU trilogy 4K boxset

Relive Tom Holland's Spider-Man trilogy in the MCU – Homecoming, Far From Home and No Way Home – in pristine 4K Ultra HD with this trilogy set, which is also available on DVD and Blu-ray.

15 Spider-Man five-movie collection
Sony Picture Home Entertainment amazon.co.uk

Maybe you're nostalgic for the pre-MCU days though and if so, you can rewatch all five movies from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man eras in this Blu-ray boxset, also available on DVD.

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